Tori Roloff Shares Pics of Baby Lilah Meeting Baby Bode for the First Time

Audrey Roloff and Tori Roloff with their babies

Now that Audrey Roloff has welcomed her second child into the world, everyone in the family is lining up to meet her little man -- including sister-in-law Tori Roloff, who just welcomed a baby herself at the end of 2019. It's official: Cousins Lilah and Bode have met, and Tori shared the sweetest photo of that moment on Instagram.

  • Tori shared a photo of her and Audrey holding their babies side by side. 

    "Welcome to the world cousin Bode! We love you so much already!" Tori Roloff wrote.

    Bode and Lilah are only a few months apart in age, so hopefully, they'll have plenty of common once they're a little older. And the last slide in these photos shows twin brothers Jeremy and Zach, side by side, holding their little ones.

    So cute! 

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  • So far, it seems like Bode's been spending so much time getting to know the Roloffs now that he's joined them.

    In fact, seeing Bode and Ember come face to face was one of the cutest moments ever! 

    He might be brand new to the world, but he's already so loved, and it appears his fam is soaking up every minute of their time with him. Not that we blame them, of course. After all, babies are only this little for so long!

  • Even Bode's grandma, Amy Roloff, has been getting in on the love. 

    Earlier this week, Amy Roloff shared her first photos with Bode after he came home from the hospital. 

    "I'm over the moon happy to meet Bode James (Jeremy & Audrey’s baby boy)," she wrote at the time. "He was born Jan 8th and is adorable. He is healthy and Audrey is doing great and so is the proud Daddy. Wow! 4 grandkids. What a wonderful way to start the new year off." 

  • Looks like Bode's already fitting into the family just fine.

    He has no idea yet, but he's pretty lucky to have so many people around him who love him.

    We can't wait to see more Bode -- especially when he's interacting with his big sis and his cousins. Is there anything better than baby pictures?