Tori Roloff & Baby Lilah's 20 Cutest Moments Together Thus Far

Martha Sorren | Jan 17, 2020 Celebrity Moms
Tori Roloff & Baby Lilah's 20 Cutest Moments Together Thus Far

Tori Roloff holding Lilah Roloff

Though Lilah Ray Roloff has been in this world for just two months since making her grand debut on November 19, 2019, she continues to melt hearts and has proven to be a mama's girl. Tori Roloff and Lilah’s cutest moments will melt even the coldest of hearts. Mom and daughter are just that sweet together.

Not every celebrity is super open about their experience with motherhood. For instance, Jenna Dewan never shares photos of her daughter's face to persevere a semblance of privacy. However, every mom has to make the decision they feel is best for their own family, and Tori personally likes sharing pictures of her kids. She’s a professional photographer, so she’s taken to documenting all of Lilah’s cutest moments from birth through now.

Lilah is a very photogenic little baby. Some kids won’t hold still for a picture, but Lilah is actually totally asleep in many of the ones Tori posts. Of course, there's probably plenty of behind-the-scenes footage of Lilah screaming or crying or making grumpy faces just like any other baby. But if all we had to go by was Tori's pics of her, it would be hard to believe she's not just a total cuddly angel all the time.

Tori still takes plenty of photos of her 2-year-old son Jackson as well, and he cameos in many of her snaps with Lilah. They're one big happy family now, but there's something about some of the moments just between mom and daughter that are so precious. Us fellow moms out there know how those first few months with a newborn are filled with just so much sweet, cuddly bonding time, and Tori has documented this period for all her followers to see.

In the two months that Lilah's been alive, here are 20 of the cutest moments with her and her mom and their sweet family.

  • First Group Shot


    Lilah was only a few hours old when her parents documented her birth with a sweet family photo. Tori looks radiant and so happy to be a mama of two, with one arm around each of her babies. 

    This is also the beginning of Lilah being asleep in almost every photo she's in. 

  • Bonding with Both Babies


    It's a big moment for the older sibling to meet the younger sibling, and Tori wasted no time introducing Lilah to her 2-year-old son, Jackson. This moment is so tender, because Tori is cradling Lilah while also giving her full attention to Jackson. She's got this mom of two thing down already.

  • Coming Home


    Soon after giving birth, Tori got to bring her new bundle of joy home for the first time. She joked that she didn't mean to match with Zach for the photo, but we think it's sweet that they're twinning -- and that Lilah also gets to stand out in her own adorable pink outfit. 

    Tori's already totally nailing baby girl style.

  • Sleeping in


    Tori captioned this photo thanking Zach for letting her sleep in, but it doesn't look like she's doing much sleeping. Lilah, on the other hand, is totally zonked out. She looks so cute all snuggled on top of her mom like that.

  • Taking Selfies 


    A rare sighting of an awake Lilah! The littlest Roloff is already working on her selfie face. It doesn't get much cuter than this -- and Tori knows it. That's why she made sure to snap a picture to save the moment forever, and she was kind enough to share it with her followers.

  • First Thanksgiving


    Thanksgiving was Lilah's first major holiday, and the Roloffs dressed to the nines to celebrate. Of course, Lilah snoozed through picture time, but that's to be expected of a newborn. She was only a few days old at this point. 

  • Holding Hands


    One of the sweetest moments for any mother is when the baby holds her hand. Feeling those tiny little fingers wrapped around our thumb is heart-meltingly cute. Naturally, Tori captioned a photo of one such moment, "Living for this." 

    We all are.

  • Sleepy Face


    Sleeping babies are truly so precious. We're sure there are plenty of times during the day that Lilah is awake -- and probably crying and/or screaming -- so it makes sense that Tori documents the more peaceful moments, like when Lilah takes a snooze.

  • Family Day


    Now that they're a family of four, the Roloffs are loving just spending time together as a unit. Here they are all vegging out on the couch, while little Lilah sleeps away on mama's lap. "I couldn't ask for anything better. Thank you god for these three human beings," Tori captioned the pic.

  • All Bundled Up


    What did we say about little Lilah's style? The puff-ball hat is so adorable. Even though we can barely see Lilah Roloff in this picture, we know she's probably sleeping, safe and sound in Tori's baby carrier. Tori always makes sure to include the baby in these family outings. Even if she's not awake to enjoy them in the moment -- at least she'll have the photos to look back on.

  • TV Time


    Mom and daughter enjoyed some quality time watching Ellen DeGeneres' holiday special, Ellen's Greatest Night of Giveaways. "Still here. Haven't moved," Tori wrote on the photo. Well, she can't very well move when a baby that cute is sleeping on her. It's basically a law that we can't move sleeping cats, dogs, or babies if they're laying on us.

  • Christmas Jammies


    Many families have matching Christmas pajama traditions, and the Roloffs are no different. They must have been expecting that Lilah would be here in time to enjoy the holidays, because Tori and Zach were prepared with some jammies to fit the little one too. This family photo is beyond cute.

  • Reading Stories


    It's not just jammies that are a holiday tradition for this Roloff family. Tori posted on her Instagram Stories that Zach was reading their family the "Christmas story" from what appears to be the Bible. Even little Lilah was wide awake for this tradition. 

  • Rainy Day Snuggles 


    "Rainy day snuggles with my girl," Tori captioned this pic of Lilah zonked out on Tori's chest. Tori shares versions of this scene a lot on Instagram, and it's easy to see why. There's nothing more special than sharing a moment of bonding with a newborn where they're so calm and quiet, and we can just be there enjoying their presence.

  • Baby's First Christmas


    Although Thanksgiving was technically Lilah's first holiday, baby's first Christmas is a huge milestone in a newborn's life. The family of four spent the big day with Zach's mom, Amy Roloff, who snapped this cute picture of them in front of the Christmas tree. Look how sweet Lilah is all dressed up for the big day and chilling in her mother's arms.

  • In the Nursery 


    Tori did an amazing job decorating little Lilah's nursery. It's such a cozy place for her daughter to sleep and for Tori to spend time in when tending to the baby. We can tell just by Tori's gaze here that she's so in love with her little girl and just wants to give her the best of everything.

  • That Little Face


    If we thought Tori's gaze at her daughter was loving, just check out this photo of Lilah looking up at her mom. That's pure love right there -- and it even looks like Lilah is smiling a little! They make up such a strong part of their big, happy family.

  • The Snuggle is Real


    In this photo, Lilah is actually awake and cuddling with her mom versus just sleeping on her. "The snuggle game is still strong," Tori wrote on the photo. She's not wrong. Lilah is one pro cuddler. It's a skill that just makes her even cuter.

  • Meeting Her Cousin


    Lilah isn't the youngest Roloff now. Tori's sister-in-law Audrey Roloff recently gave birth to a baby boy named Bode. In mid-January, the Roloff wives met up to introduce their two little ones to each other. Just like Jackson is around the same age as Audrey's daughter, Ember, now Lilah and Bode can grow up together too.

  • Cuddle Buddies


    We had to end this slideshow with a photo of what Lilah does best in photos -- sleeps! She's so cute in her matching outfit with her brother, and Tori is just the picture perfect mom. 

    Tori has shared before on Instagram about some of her postpartum struggles, so she definitely isn't immune to the things we all go through as moms. But at least she's getting through it the best she can with her adorable children and husband by her side. And sharing it all for us to see!

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