Tori Roloff & Baby Lilah's 20 Cutest Moments Together Thus Far

Martha Sorren | Jan 17, 2020 Celebrity Moms
Tori Roloff & Baby Lilah's 20 Cutest Moments Together Thus Far

Tori Roloff holding Lilah Roloff

Though Lilah Ray Roloff has been in this world for just two months since making her grand debut on November 19, 2019, she continues to melt hearts and has proven to be a mama's girl. Tori Roloff and Lilah’s cutest moments will melt even the coldest of hearts. Mom and daughter are just that sweet together.

Not every celebrity is super open about their experience with motherhood. For instance, Jenna Dewan never shares photos of her daughter's face to persevere a semblance of privacy. However, every mom has to make the decision they feel is best for their own family, and Tori personally likes sharing pictures of her kids. She’s a professional photographer, so she’s taken to documenting all of Lilah’s cutest moments from birth through now.

Lilah is a very photogenic little baby. Some kids won’t hold still for a picture, but Lilah is actually totally asleep in many of the ones Tori posts. Of course, there's probably plenty of behind-the-scenes footage of Lilah screaming or crying or making grumpy faces just like any other baby. But if all we had to go by was Tori's pics of her, it would be hard to believe she's not just a total cuddly angel all the time.

Tori still takes plenty of photos of her 2-year-old son Jackson as well, and he cameos in many of her snaps with Lilah. They're one big happy family now, but there's something about some of the moments just between mom and daughter that are so precious. Us fellow moms out there know how those first few months with a newborn are filled with just so much sweet, cuddly bonding time, and Tori has documented this period for all her followers to see.

In the two months that Lilah's been alive, here are 20 of the cutest moments with her and her mom and their sweet family.