Audrey Roloff Shares Photo of Ember Meeting Her Baby Brother for the First Time

Audrey Roloff, Ember Roloff

The Roloff family has gotten a little bigger now that Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have welcomed their second child into the world. And now, it's time for him to meet his big sister! In a new photo Audrey shared on Instagram, Ember met baby Bode, and seeing these pics of them interacting is so sweet.

  • Audrey shared this photo of Ember holding Bode in the hospital. 

    This proud mom of two called it one of her favorite moments ever, and we can totally see why! She looks so happy, and Ember already looks in love with her baby bro. 

    "She is just the sweetest big sister already," Audrey Roloff wrote. "We took some videos that I’m sure we’ll share in our stories soon. Jer and I can’t stop smiling and laughing at the things she says about him and to him. She’s so eager to take care of him and give him lots of lovies." 

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  • She went on to say that recovering from birth has been easier because of these two. 

    "Postpartum has been hard on my body, but cuddling with these precious little loves makes my heart so full. What an honor it is to be their mama," she added.

    Those weeks after birth can be brutal, but it seems like Audrey's focusing on the positives ... and Ember and Bode really are the cutest.

  • Needless to say, fans are loving this pic. 

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    It's not easy going from one kid to two -- especially thinking about trying to explain such a big change in the family to a toddler who may not fully understand. But it appears Ember is already embracing life as an older sister, and everything seems to be going smoothly so far. 

    One less thing for Audrey and Jeremy to stress about now that Audrey's second pregnancy is behind them!

  • We can't wait to see more of Bode and Ember together. 

    He's only a few days old, but it seems like he's fitting in with his fam pretty well already! 

    Big congrats to Ember on becoming a big sis. We know there are a lot of adventures for them in the future, and hopefully, they'll be BFFs in no time.