Tori Roloff's 'Rainy Day Snuggles' Photo With Baby Lilah Is Too Cute

Tori Roloff

The more photos Tori Roloff posts of baby Lilah, the more we fall in love with her! This time, Tori shared her rainy day snuggles with her little lady, and OMG -- this is giving us a serious case of baby fever. Those newborn days are hard, but Tori's showing the absolute best of those early weeks. 

All the cuddles! 

  • In one photo on Tori's Instagram story, she and Lilah are all cuddled up, and this baby girl is passed out.

    That little face is too sweet. Rainy days are no good, but they're better when it's possible to stay inside ... especially if there's a cute, sleeping baby around to hold. 

    We hope Tori's loving every minute of these days. They go by so fast! 

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  • She posted another pic of Lilah napping away, too. 

    Looks like this is a girl who knows how to sleep! We're pretty sure her mom is very thankful for that. 

    Since Lilah arrived almost a month ago, Tori's been sharing all kinds of updates as she grows. We know she has to be exhausted, but looking at photos like this one is a good reminder of how worth it this all is. There's nothing like a brand-new baby!

  • We're glad to see Tori so happy.

    Earlier this week, she was open about the fact that she's struggling with her postpartum body -- and we're willing to bet she's in pretty good company there. But it's good to see that she's enjoying her little one. These weeks (and even months) after giving birth can be tough, but Tori's handling it all like a total champ.

  • We're looking forward to seeing more of Lilah ... and her pretty mom! 

    It's clear that this baby is already so loved, and we can't wait to get to know her as she grows.

    In the meantime, we hope Tori's hanging in there -- and taking in all the snuggles she can get. These are the days she'll look back on years from now and miss!