Channing Tatum's Daughter Is Not To Be Messed With in New Boxing Video

Channing Tatum and Everly Tatum
Kelly Defina/Getty Images; channingtatum/Instagram

As if Channing Tatum and his 6-year-old daughter, Everly, didn't already have an adorable enough relationship, here's another reason to love this celebrity father-daughter pair. According to his Instagram, Channing is teaching Everly how to box, and he has the best reason for sharing his skills with her. 

  • Channing shared an IGTV video of Everly -- in full boxing gear -- punching him, practicing her form.

    "We love wrestling and boxing. And we keep it fun," he wrote. "I heard once that martial arts was only created to take the mystery out of fight. So people started to practiced it. So if ever there came a time they had to defend themselves they wouldn’t be as afraid. In my experience fear most times leads to bad decisions. Being calm and secure with your mind and body...Make great opportunity for good decisions."  

    Channing went on to share that having a daughter has made him want to make sure she feels safe,  hence the boxing.

    "Violence is 100% never the answer. But having a daughter i always want her to feel safe in her being," he continued. "And God help the person that ever poke[s] the beast inside this little angel." 

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  • Fans seem to love this bonding moment between Channing and Everly. 

    Instagram comments

    It's pretty cool that they're spending this time together and that he's teaching her skills that will help her be more confident in the future. 

    After all, it's not easy being a woman in our world. The more Everly is able to protect herself in case something scary happens, the better. Hopefully, she'll never need to use the skills Channing is teaching her, but it's good to know, just in case.

  • It seems like Channing has been spending tons of quality time with his daughter lately. 

    Not only did they go see Frozen on Broadway last week, but last month, Channing and Everly hit Vegas, too. They watched the Bellagio Fountain Show and hung out in the arcade, and it appeared they had a total blast.

    It's good to see these two having fun together, especially as Channing's custody case with Jenna Dewan continues. Her parents' split last year couldn't have been easy for Everly, but it seems as if they're both doing their part to make sure she's taken care of as well as possible.

  • We can't wait to see what this dad & daughter are up to next. 

    Their adventures are seriously making us jealous. We wanna see Frozen, go to Vegas, and get boxing lessons from Channing himself! 

    Everly is a very lucky little girl -- and it seems Channing knows he's a lucky dad. He better watch out, though. It looks like someday soon, she might be able to win their boxing matches.

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