Shay Mitchell's Breastfeeding Photo Ignites Backlash

Shay Mitchell, Atlas Babel

It's been almost two months since Shay Mitchell welcomed her first child into the world, and already, one of her parenting decisions has earned her a bit of backlash (sigh). Apparently, Shay's breastfeeding photo has people talking, and not necessarily in a good way.

Can we give this mama a break? 

  • Shay shared the super glam photo on Instagram on Monday.

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    Breast friends

    A post shared by Shay Mitchell (@shaymitchell) on

    "Breast friends" -- we love it.

    Honestly, Shay looks amazing. Everything from her makeup to her hair to her dazzling green robe has us completely stunned. And yeah, she's feeding her kid ... like a lot of moms do. But unfortunately, a lot of people out there just weren't impressed with this pic. 

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  • Some people think Shay is just asking for attention. 

    Facebook comments

    Wow -- did these commenters have their coffee before reacting to this photo?! Maybe Shay Mitchell just wants a beautiful photo to document this chapter of her life to share with her followers ... and that's it? 

    All breastfeeding moms have a different journey. This just happens to be the way Shay's doing hers.

  • Thankfully, many came to this mama's defense.

    Facebook comments

    It's true: It's genuinely a gorgeous photo. Shay looks amazing, and her baby is adorable (duh). She really has come a long way since her days on Pretty Little Liars, and we've loved following along with her and her career every step of the way.

  • Hopefully, Shay won't take the rude comments to heart.

    After all, haters gonna hate, and that baby of hers has gotta eat!

    We can't wait to see more of baby Atlas. It seems like Shay's loving every moment of it, as she should. She's already a wonderful mommy. 

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