Tori Roloff's Photos of Jackson With Baby Lilah Are Too Precious for Words

Jackson Roloff, Tori Roloff, Lilah Roloff

As if our hearts aren't filled with enough joy over this beautiful family, here comes a sweet sibiling snap to make us melt even more. It's been so wonderful watching 2-year-old Jackson Roloff with his baby sister. And if there is any doubt about the bond these two share, Tori Roloff's latest photos of her babies will help set the record straight.

  • Tori hit up Instagram recently, where she shared the most precious pics of Jackson and baby Lilah together.

    "Just raising them right," the mom of two jokes about her two kids rocking Seattle Seahawks gear. (Zach and Tori are big fans of the NFL team.)


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  • And it didn't take long for 'Little People, Big World' fans to chime in.

    Instagram comments

    Little Lilah Ray Roloff has only been here (well, outside of the womb) for two weeks and is already stealing hearts and taking names. Though she more than likely doesn't know (or care right now) that she has a cool older brother, Jackson's smile says it all.

  • Jackson and Lilah have a special bond that will only grow with time.

    Who can remember this perfect photo of Jackson bonding with baby Lilah while she was still in her mama's belly? We truly hope this moment was printed and is hanging up somewhere in Tori and Zach's house.

    It's too good!

  • We need to see more!

    We can only imagine seeing these two on Little People, Big World together and all of the adventures they're going to have. They're so adorable, and the fun is only beginning.