David Beckham Called Out for Kissing Daughter on the Lips in New Photo

David Beckham with daughter Harper

People have always had a lot of opinions about the "right" ways of showing affection to their children, and now, it's a certain celebrity dad's turn on the chopping block. People are calling out David Beckahm for kissing his daughter on the lips while they were ice skating ... even though it looked like a totally innocent father-daughter moment.

Hmm ... 

  • It all started when David posted this photo of him and daughter Harper, 8, out on the ice. 

    Super cute pic, right? David has always been close with all of his kids (he and wife Victoria Beckham also share sons Brooklyn, 20, Romeo, 17, and Cruz, 14) and he's all about sharing his bonds with them on social media. 

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  • Many people aren't happy with the way David is showing affection to Harper -- and they're very vocal about it. 

    Instagram comments

    Well, if anyone cares what we think, this is a bit judgy. It's not like Harper's a grown woman -- she's only 8! And obviously, David loves his daughter ... and this is how he chooses to share it. Still, we kinda get why some people would be a bit squicked out about this, especially if it's not how they're used to showing affection to their own children. 

  • Others came to David's defense. 

    Instagram comments

    They're right -- this could all be chalked up to cultural differences. But really, it's up to David, Victoria, and Harper to decide if this kind of affection is OK or not. If it's OK with them, then it should be OK with the rest of us ... being that the rest of us aren't in their family!

  • Besides, this is how David's been loving on his kids for years. We doubt he's going to stop now. 

    This is not the first time David's been called out for kissing his child on the lips, so we have a feeling he doesn't mind what the haters have to say. 

    He should do what works for him -- and the rest of us should just mind our own business. After all, it seems like he and Victoria have managed to raise some very happy, healthy kids, and that's all that really matters in the end. 

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