20 of Jenna Dewan's Best Baby Bump Style Moments to Date

20 of Jenna Dewan's Best Baby Bump Style Moments to Date

Jenna Dewan baby bump

Dancer and actress Jenna Dewan has always had enviable style to go with her amazing dancer's figure, but for her second pregnancy, which she announced in September, she's pulled out all the stops with fresh and sexy looks -- and it's no wonder, since she's also had two major projects to promote: memoir, Gracefully You, which meant a book tour and appearances on TV and at all kinds of events, and her new dance-themed Netflix show, Soundtrack, which premieres December 18.

But we like to think that there's another, even better reason she's hitting the streets looking amazing: She's happy. Jenna and her boyfriend, Steve Kazee, are still going strong with the celeb mom finalizing her divorce from Channing Tatum with whom shares a daughter, 6-year-old Everly. 

Love and joy are in the air.

Jenna's style is unabashedly feminine. A certain color features prominently. She's worn not one, but two gowns in different shades of the same hue to major events this fall. (Hint: traditional subdued fall colors be gone!)

The Step Up actress also loves one type of pattern above all, which pulls double duty: It draws all the attention when she's not really wanting to highlight her belly, and they also reflect the fresh start that her life seems to be all about at the moment. While Jenna's been wearing lots of dresses, she's got great options for looking work-ready, or headed to the gym. All in all, she's been ready for whatever she's up to, whether it's dancing with her favorite choreographer, or speaking on a panel, or chilling at home. 

Get ready to pin all 20 of our favorite baby bump style looks from Jenna.  

  • Lovely in Lace


    Jenna's maternity photo shoot for People was beyond breathtaking. We love her natural glow and how gorgeous the soon-to-be mama of two looks in lace.

    "What a special day..We talk love, new beginnings and my book #gracefullyyou. And as you can see, I lived my full fairy self in this shoot," Jenna wrote in her Instagram post.

  • Flower Child


    Wait, this drop-dead-gorgeous floral dress is maternity wear? Can we wear it anyway? Jenna captioned this pic, "Happy mom happy baby happy view happy job," and judging from her smile, the description was not a stretch. Here's to new beginnings! 

  • The Littlest Boo


    OMG, this is just the cutest fetus-and-me Halloween costume ever. The connected hearts are just the right touch. We can't help but remember how Jenna and her ex, Channing, used to coordinate funny Halloween outfits, we're glad that she has carried on dressing up on her own. 

  • Baby Bump ... and Grind


    This is a great outfit for dancing, pregnancy or no pregnancy. Stretchy pants and a pull-on blouse whose red matches Jenna's joy. Shimmying in heels carrying a whole other person in her tummy is no thing, thanks to Jenna's dancing background.  

  • On Point


    We luuurve this pregnancy trend, where women can still wear separates -- just move the waist up over the belly. Makes so much more sense than wearing no-waist shirts or dresses for nine months. Jenna's version, complete with long plaid skirt and a black blazer, is so polished. 

  • Lotta Legs, Little Black Dress


    For her tour promoting her tell-all, self-help book Gracefully You, Jenna put together a great array of looks for all kinds of events. We're in love with this lacy-yet-modern shift that can easily accommodate a growing belly and become a permanent part of a wardrobe after baby arrives.

  • In Bloom


    Pregnancy often has a way of turning up the volume on good vibes, and Jenna seems to have enough to fuel a whole city. A born girly girl, she looks amazing in florals, and what better time to wear them than when she's got a little bud of her own growing in her tummy every day? 

  • Ladylike Lavender

    jenna dewan in lavender duster at build studio
    James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images
    Boy, Jenna sure is nailing the pulled-together pregnancy look. This matching lavender shift and duster outfit is lovely, and looks effortless yet timeless. It's the kind of look anyone can put together at virtually any budget. 
  • Kick Back & Relax


    Jenna, girl, we're feeling this pic. Long day, sore muscles, little fetus foot stuck in our ribs. Been there. For those days when work is done and there's nowhere to go, only the loosest, coziest sweater will satisfy. Add a coffee cup, some slippers, and a great view, and, ah, heaven.

  • #LBDgoals, part 2


    Those stiletto mules are everything sexy, period. And the single ruffle along the length of this pretty perfect party dress is a great feature. It doesn't hide the baby bump, but it does draw attention toward something other than a round belly.

  • Just Peachy


    How adorable is this baby doll, with clever vertical shirring that lengthens a body that's growing out? The empire waist makes this beautiful dress (which would work for brunch and dinner outings alike) easy to keep wearing as the belly gets bigger. 

  • Neat as a Pin

    jenna dewan in pinstripe dress at create and cultivate
    Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images
    Pinstripes never go out of style, and for a great reason: They look instantly polished and ready for anything, whether a work meeting or a panel discussion at an event. Jenna's blazer mini dress, though, makes menswear sexy, even when there's an early baby bump involved. 
  • Pretty in Pink

    jenna dewan in pink dress at the AMAs
    Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images
    This pop of pure pink -- her go-to shade lately -- on this effortlessly gorgeous dress, is so happy. Jenna's projecting a lot of positivity during this pregnancy, and it's inspiring to see. We're sure that being with the right person after a failed marriage makes a huge difference. 
  • Down the Garden Path 

    Jenna Dewan in flower print dress at book signing
    Paul Archuleta/Getty Images
    Pregnancy takes over a woman's life really, so sometimes we're just not up to talking about our due date for the 20th time. For those days, there are dresses like this, with flowers and wines winding throughout and pretty much hiding the belly. Let's talk about books instead!  
  • Fit Mama

    jenna dewan pregnant in workout clothes
    Chris Wolf/Star Max/GC Images/Getty Images
    Jenna's clearly following two great pieces of pregnancy advice: Stay hydrated and get some exercise. Here she is, fresh out of the gym. Roomy workout clothes? Check. Cushion-y sneakers? Check. And a cardigan, because no one needs to see every inch of our pregnancy butt.
  • Merry, Merry

    jenna dewan blue gown
    Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

    They say living well is the best revenge, and this next-level Christmas picture -- and that smile -- are certainly the embodiment of that. Jenna is absolutely glowing, and we would be, too, if we looked that good in a silk robe dress while hugely pregnant.

  • Jumping for Joy

    jenna dewan and steve kazee
    Jerod Harris/Getty Images
    Jenna stepped out with beau Steve Kazee, and their coordinated outfits were #couplesgoals -- not too much, just classic black with a few flourishes. We're looking more closely at Jenna's jumpsuit, of course, because it is fire. More proof that there's no need to give up looking hot while expecting.
  • Shh! Don't Tell Yet

    jenna dewan yellow skirt dance awards
    Rachel Luna/FilmMagic/Getty Images
    Jenna announced her pregnancy in September, and this picture is from August, so this was during the early days -- when most women are still keeping news of a baby to themselves. Guess this shows expectant moms don't have to wear loose clothing to hide their bump ... but just in case, a mirrored top and skirt is a great way to deflect attention. 
  • Desert Rose

    jenna dewan
    Jason Mendez/Getty Images

    For a visit to BuzzFeed's AM to DM show to promote her book, Jenna chose smart separates that stretch at the waist for ultimate comfort. But since being on camera means looking elegant, the tan duster is a great finishing touch to pull the whole outfit together.  

  • Hint, Hint

    jenna dewan polka dot skirt at baby 2 baby shutterfly event
    Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Baby2Baby

    Some women start showing early, and since we don't know Jenna's due date, we don't know when she actually got pregnant. But we have a hunch that in this summer 2019 pic, taken before her September announcement, Jenna's already carrying. Maybe it's the event's theme (wink wink), or the fun pattern on her loose skirt part of an adorable and sneaky mini bump outfit.

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