Pregnant Tori Roloff Goes Off After Critic Calls Her 'Fat' & 'Unhealthy'

Tori Roloff

Don't mess with Tori Roloff, y'all! Over the weekend, Tori fired back at an Instagram troll who tried to make pretty rude comments about her body, and we couldn't agree more with the way she chose to respond. She might be on Little People, Big World, but that doesn't give anyone the right to shame her for the way she looks, especially while pregnant.

  • On Saturday, Tori shared a rude message someone sent her on Instagram, calling her fat and unhealthy.

    Whoa -- that's a lot of judgment to pass about a total stranger! Like Tori mentioned in her response, she's pregnant right now, not "fat" ... and how would anyone know if Tori is healthy or not? 

    They wouldn't.

    She blocked out the name that the person compared her to, and it's for the best. Honestly, she's right about how hurtful criticism like this can be. There's seriously no sense in comparing Tori to anyone else. She's her own person!

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  • Tori also shared more of her thoughts in a separate post on Instagram Stories.

    We love this. This reality star mom has such a positive attitude about such a nasty message. Even though that had to hurt, Tori is keeping in mind that she gets way more sweet messages than rude ones.

    We're totally on board with her milkshake-a-day plan, by the way. Maybe we should hop on that, too ...

  • Like Tori mentioned, she always keeps it real on the 'Gram, and that's why we love following her.

    Whether she's talking about the realities of being a mom or how difficult her pregnancy has been, Tori never holds back from sharing how she's feeling. And given that so much of Instagram is about showing off the "pretty" moments in our lives, we love that her page is a space where she can be honest about the ups and the downs.

  • Never dull your shine, Tori!

    We love following along with her posts and her adorable family, and we can't wait to see what the future brings as Tori and Zach welcome their little girl into the mix.

    Haters, let this be a lesson: Nothing good comes out of tearing people down.