Jessica Simpson & Daughter Maxwell Are Totally Twinning in Fun New Pic

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Jessica Simpson
Splash News

We've known for a long time that Jessica Simpson and her oldest daughter, Maxwell Drew, 7, make the cutest pair. But in this new photo, it's hard to deny how much Maxi is really starting to resemble her mama! Jess shared the sweetest twinning photo with Maxwell, and OMG -- they look so alike! 

  • In the pic, Maxwell and Jess are in bed, sticking out their tongues at the camera. 

    So adorable! And between the hair and those eyes, it looks like Maxi definitely inherited her mama's good looks. Somehow, they even have the same tongue! Those genes are strong.

    "Mommy got home in time to do bath and prayers at bedtime," Jessica wrote in her caption.

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  • So many fans couldn't get enough of how much they look alike. 

    Especially that tongue! 

    Maxi truly is Jess's mini-me -- and we have a feeling that when her youngest daughter, Birdie Mae, who was born this year, grows up, she's going to look just like her mom and big sis too.

  • Others focused on how sweet this moment was. 

    With how busy Jessica's schedule has to be -- and the fact that she's now raising three kids instead of just two, including a baby -- her one-on-one time with each of them must be pretty limited. It's awesome that she was able to have this special time with Maxwell, and we know she must really appreciate it.

  • Jessica's family is adorable, and we love watching them grow. 

    We love how real she's always been about parenting and how willing she's been about sharing her journey with her fans. 

    We need more photos of these beautiful kids ASAP. Seriously -- the good genes in this family are out of control!