16 Celebrities Who Welcomed Rainbow Babies After Child Loss

16 Celebrities Who Welcomed Rainbow Babies After Child Loss

Nick Carter and wife Lauren Kitt with baby daughter

The journey to parenthood isn't always an easy one, and for many celebrity moms, infertility and loss are part of that journey. Although it can still be a bit of a taboo topic, many famous moms have opened up about their miscarriages, sharing what that was like with the world, as hard as that kind of vulnerability may be. Even though they (along with their partners) have had to go through incredibly difficult experiences to get there, many of these moms have gone on to welcome rainbow babies as well.

Although many people don't like to talk about it, it can be surprising to find out who has had to cope with a loss like this. Before she and Jay-Z welcomed Blue Ivy, Beyoncé had a loss, and Gabrielle Union has spoken on more than one occasion about her struggle with IVF and her multiple miscarriages before welcoming daughter Kaavia via surrogate.

Truth be told, there are many celebrities who have welcomed rainbow babies after having miscarriages, and their stories are incredibly inspiring. It's hard to imagine what that kind of pain must be like without actually going through it, but the way these women have continued on in the face of such a tough time is amazing -- and it makes it all the sweeter to see them celebrating their kiddos that are the rainbows at the end of the storm.

Read on for celebs who have had losses and now have living children. Surprisingly, it's not that uncommon -- and hopefully, anyone who's had to go through this experience won't feel so alone.

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