Birdie Mae's Baby Blues Steal the Show in Jessica Simpson's New Pic

Felipe Ramales/Splash News

Jessica Simpson
Felipe Ramales/Splash News

This little girl has us completely captivated by her gaze! Jessica Simpson's youngest kiddo, little Miss Birdie Mae, is making people stop and take pause. Even though she's often considered Jessica's "twin," this photo is setting her apart as all eyes are on her baby blues.

  • Jess took to the 'Gram to share a mommy-daughter photo with her youngest of three.

    "We just get each other #BIRDIEMAE," Jessica Simpson captioned this adorable Instagram post. This mommy-daughter photo looks so precious -- and comfy!

    (We love a good leopard look.)

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  • And as you can see, people can't stop staring at Birdie Mae and her gorgeous baby blue eyes.

    Instagram comments

    At 6 months, this little one has folks frozen in her stare. (Eat your heart out, Elsa.) We used to think Birdie favored Jess, but it seems she's taking after her papa, Eric Johnson, with her blue eyes.

    In addition to Birdie, Jessica and Eric have a 7-year-old daughter named Maxwell and a 6-year-old son named Ace.

  • It's been wonderful seeing so many touching family moments.

    "Nothing makes me happier than coming home to this," the celeb mom captioned this photo of herself with her daughters.

    Too. Cute.

  • Birdie is definitely coming into her own!

    We can't wait to see more of this little one -- and her personality, too! Will she be an extrovert, or an introvert? Will she love all things beauty and fashion, or just keep things casual?

    Time will have to tell.

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