Ashley Graham Shows Off Baby Bump During Intense Workout

Ashley Graham

We try our best to keep up with this expectant mom, and it looks like we just might have to break a sweat. Case in point: Ashley Graham's workout video while pregnant has us feeling the urge to do a few push-ups after watching it. It's so awesome to see her in action, even if she needs to hold her boobs to keep from jiggling in the process.

  • Ashley is keeping up with her fitness routine in a new video for the 'Gram.

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    it’s a lifestyle 💪🏽

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    Working out while pregnant isn't a walk in the park. It can be really hard, especially while trying to stay upright as a growing baby bump often has moms-to-be tipping over for random reasons. Everyone is different in this arena, so it's not to say a pregnant mom should rush to the gym to start lighting whatever set of weights she can find.

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  • She's being praised as major "inspo" when it comes to staying in shape while expecting.

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    ... and to be honest, we have to agree.

    You can literally see the sides of her abs in this video as Ashley Graham works out her triceps. Mama was definitely getting it in!

  • As a bonus, Ashley even shared a video of herself doing some ladder work on Instagram Stories.

    This mama-to-be is doing some serious work! She's not letting anything get in her way -- including her boobs as she cups them for dear life. As Ashley's trainer, Kira Stokes, notes, by doing so, Ashley's workout is actually harder.

  • Loving all these fitness moments, Ash!

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    Feeling that mama glow with @glowmaven

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    From yoga poses to circuit training, Ashley has done it all -- and then some! We love her willingness to take us along for the ride on her journey to becoming a mom.

    Something tells us we're just scratching the surface.

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