Collin Gosselin: A Look Back at His Journey Home

Collin Gosselin: A Look Back at His Journey Home

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So much time has passed since Jon & Kate Plus 8 first premiered on TLC in 2007, and a lot has changed in their family's lives, too. Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin are no longer together, and since their divorce, they haven't exactly been on good terms -- especially when it comes to their kids. Their now 15-year-old son, Collin Gosselin, one of the couple's sextuplets, ended up being somewhat of a mystery (and estranged). He seemingly disappeared from their family a couple of years ago when Kate and Jon stopped mentioning him publicly. It's been a long journey from that point up to today.

In the beginning, fans were immediately curious about where Collin was -- and why Kate no longer included him in her posts about the kids on social media. In 2016, she finally admitted that he was living in a facility away from home for his "special needs," but updates on him and his condition were still few and far between. 

Eventually, Jon gained custody of another of the sextuplets, Hannah, and it wasn't long before he started fighting for custody of Collin, too. Now, Collin lives with Jon and Hannah, and along with Jon's longtime girlfriend, Colleen Conrad. He seems to be having a pretty good life, filled with trips to the beach and plenty of fun family days together.

But what happened that finally brought him and his family to this point? It was a very long road -- fortunately, one that had a happy ending.

Read on for a timeline of Collin's journey home, from the time Kate enrolled him in treatment all the way up to today. It seems like Collin is doing much better these days, and we love seeing him so happy. Here's hoping Jon continues to share these awesome updates from their family.

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