Ryan Reynolds Nails Why Kids Are Major Turds When It Comes to Sleeping

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Ryan Reynolds
Michael Stewart/FilmMagic/Getty Images

For years, Ryan Reynolds has been making us LOL with his unfiltered (and completely astute) thoughts about parenting, and his latest might be one of our favorites. In fact, Ryan's joke about his kids not sleeping couldn't be more on the nose ... because honestly, sometimes, the exhaustion can really get to anyone.

  • Ryan shared this photo from his Aviation Gin photo shoot, along with a shout-out to the bags under his eyes that were a gift from his children.

    After he thanked his hair stylist and the person who dressed him, the celeb dad added, "Bags under my eyes by two thankless a--holes who refused to go to bed the night before, despite the fact I read them Winnie the Pooh and nearly half of Stephen King’s The Shining." 

    Those two thankless a-holes he mentioned are obviously his daughters -- James, 4, and Inez, 2 -- with wife Blake Lively. Pretty much any parent can sympathize with the exhausted look, compliments of their own little monsters.

    Sidenote: Can you imagine The Shining as a bedtime story?! (LOL.)

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  • And of course, wife Blake Lively -- who's currently pregnant with baby number three -- threw in her own two cents.

    Blake Lively Instagram cooment

    Ah, yes, we all love when our spouse calls our children by a rude name. Blake is the one who birthed the source of Ryan's under eye baggage, after all. 

    But really, she is making good choices here. Not only does her husband have a good sense of humor, but he's also pretty darn good-looking, and these new photos are all the evidence we need of that fact!

  • This isn't the first time Ryan's gotten sassy about his kids on social media -- not by a long shot.

    Case in point: When Ryan Reynolds offered this helpful advice to a mom who was wondering when the right time to show her kid Deadpool for the first time was. 

    Spider-Man. Deadpool. The suits are so similar. Does it really matter?

    The kid won't know the difference, right?

  • Hopefully, Ryan's ready for more sleepless nights ahead.

    Ryan Reynolds, James Reynolds
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    Now that he and Blake are expecting their third child, those bags under his eyes are about to get a lot bigger. But of course, it's totally worth it! 

    Good luck, Ryan. We can't wait to see their family grow and hear all of Ryan's parenting observations as he adjusts to life as a dad of three.

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