20 Celebrity Kids Who Are Fashion Icons in the Making

20 Celebrity Kids Who Are Fashion Icons in the Making

Kim Kardashian, Saint West, North West

Being a celebrity kid has so many perks. The fancy house, the famous parents, and those amazing clothes. Some of these kids are even following in their fashionable celebrity mom and dad's footsteps, wearing designer clothes and putting their own outfits together. Of course, most of them develop their love of fashion from the beginning of their lives -- getting inspiration from their parents -- but many of them end up taking their parents' lead, becoming fashion icons in their own rights as they get older.

There are kids, like Suri Cruise, who have been icons since birth (does anyone remember how much attention she got when she first made her way into the world?), and there are kids, like Birdie Mae Johnson, who might have just been born but already looks stylish in all the photos proud mom Jessica Simpson snaps of her.

And unsurprisingly, plenty Kardashian-Jenner kids ended up on this list, too, including Stormi and True, two of the tiniest members of the fam. This definitely should have been a given with how important clothing and style has always been to their famous mamas. It makes sense they're ready to strike a pose wherever they go -- especially Miss North West, who is already more like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West than we ever could've imagined.

Read on for celebrity kids who are well on their way to having fashion icon status sooner rather than later. We're sure they didn't set out to steal their parents' spotlight, but it's already happening. And after seeing some of these outfits, we have a feeling there are definitely some budding fashion designers on this list.