15 Times Snooki Was an Unapologetic Mom

15 Times Snooki Was an Unapologetic Mom

Snooki drinking wine while feeding her baby son

After first meeting her on Jersey Shore 10 years ago, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has come a long way. Not only has she grown into a pretty impressive businesswoman, but she's also become an amazing mom -- the kind of mom who makes absolutely zero apologies for who she is and how she parents. Now, Snooki and husband Jionni LaValle have three children: Lorenzo, 6, Giovanna, 4, and Angelo, was born in May 2019. And so far, it seems like she's doing an incredible job raising all three of these adorable kids

... and she's being honest about the whole process.

Unfortunately, raising kids as a celebrity mom comes with certain drawbacks, like a lack of privacy and the fact that everyone in the world seems to want to weigh in on the way they parent. That seems especially true for Snooki, who's been judged since she first started her reality TV career.

But somehow, no matter what people throw her way, she manages to let it all roll off her ... and sometimes, she even fights back.

Whether Snooki is dealing with people who disagree with her parenting choices, defending herself against trolls on Instagram, or just being brutally honest about the realities of motherhood, we love it all. Her own special brand of Snooki realness is what we adore most about her.

Read on for all the times Snooki was an unapologetic mom. People can say what they want, but it looks like Snooki's first priority is always with her children ... and since she's never cared about what anyone thinks, we doubt she's going to start now.

Get it, mama!


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