Jessica Simpson Disables Her Instagram Comments After Being Cruelly Shamed

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Jessica Simpson
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Most celebrity moms don't want to be messed with, but Jessica Simpson is making it extra clear that she's not interested in hearing from the peanut gallery. This week, Jessica disabled her Instagram comments after she got shamed for the stroller she uses for her baby, Birdie Mae Johnson

Really, does the mom shaming ever end?

  • Jessica shared this photo of Birdie earlier this week. 

    Looking adorable in that stroller, right? We can't get over how pretty this little lady is at 4 months old! Those eyes -- is she real?! 

    But instead of focusing on how cute Birdie is, Jessica's followers were focused on other things.

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  • People immediately shamed Jessica for the way Birdie was strapped in, thinking she was in a car seat and not a stroller.

    We appreciate that people are looking out for Birdie's safety, but this is a lot, and if they took a few minutes to really look at this photo, they'd realize that she's not in a car seat at all, and she's also perfectly safe.

    Three kids in, we'd assume Jess has got this. No wonder she turned off her comments! 

  • Fortunately, others have chimed in to defend her. 

    Looking at the photo a little closer, it's clear that Birdie's actually riding in a stroller... and she looks safe and happy to us, and isn't that all that matters? 

    Jessica has since turned her comments back on, so hopefully that means she didn't let the shaming get her down too much. She's an awesome mom to Birdie, Ace Knute, 6, and Maxwell Drew, 7, and she doesn't deserve the hate!

  • Now, can we all go back to gushing over how adorable Birdie is? 

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    Dimples & Drool #BirdieMae

    A post shared by Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson) on

    This is what we should all really be talking about. This baby is already so beautiful, and we can't wait to see more of her personality as she gets older. That smile? We're all heart eyes over here.