Amy Schumer Teases a Docu Series About Her Pregnancy & People Are Here for It

amy schumer and son gene

Amy Schumer is many things, but shy isn't one of them. All throughout her pregnancy, she unabashedly shared everything she was going through -- from drastic bodily changes to the realness behind dealing with her unending hyperemesis gravidarum.

  • With her signature snark and candid demeanor, Amy often posted updates about her pregnancy that lifted the veil on having a pregnant "glow."

    She recorded herself puking in various places throughout her pregnancy, often appeared on social media totally makeup free, and didn't pretend that every moment of pregnancy was sunshine and rainbows. It's a realness her followers and fans came to appreciate.

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  • And that appreciation might possibly be inspiration for a new project: a docu series all about her pregnancy and birth.

    Although no details have been confirmed yet, Amy floated the idea around social media with the photo above of herself and her baby boy Gene and the simple caption: "Would anyone be interested in seeing a docu series of my pregnancy and birth?"

  • The response? A resounding "YASSS!"

    Celebrities such as fellow comedian Loni Love, reality star Snooki, and even actress Glenn Close were all saying they'd love to see something like this in the works. 

    Plus, over 490k fans and followers gave it a "heart" on the 'gram in support.

  • Not only would this docu series likely be hilarious and relatable, but it may be be really healing for those who didn't have a "perfect" pregnancy.

    The more celebrities who strip away that perfect facade (especially when it comes to motherhood) the better.

    We are here for it Amy, and hope to see it in our Netflix queues soon!