Chrissy Teigen Catches Heat for Video of Her 1-Year-Old Son Walking

Chrissy Teigen with son Miles

For the last time (for the people in the back), for the love of all that is good, please leave this celeb mom alone. Welp, it looks like people didn't get the memo, as Chrissy Teigen's video of her son walking has critics sounding off. Thankfully, her followers aren't taking their words lightly and are defending her -- though she doesn't need it.

  • Chrissy hit up social media to share footage of her 1-year-old son walking.

    "Oh it is [expletive] ON [,] we are screwed," Chrissy Teigen writes in her post. Chrissy and John just celebrated Miles' first birthday.

    Now we're looking at this little guy running (not walking)?

    He's growing up too fast!

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  • For the most part, Chrissy's followers are loving her video.

    Instagram comments

    Miles is adorable. And apparently, he doesn't have time to wait for anyone. This little boy is on the move and is all sorts of cute bouncing before he tries to take off run-walking.

    (Sidenote: How sweet is it that big sister Luna is nearby just in case something goes wrong?)

  • But with praise come negativity, and people definitely did not hold back.

    Instagram comments

    Critics of Chrissy's feel Miles should not be walking in the bathroom as there are too many corners with sharp edges that could pose a problem should he fall. And speaking of falling, that (hard) marble floor appears to be an issue for people too.

  • Thankfully, folks were quick to come to this celeb mama's defense in the best way.

    Instagram comments

    Obviously, Chrissy doesn't need anyone's help with a clapback. She really does just fine on her own -- and happily shows off her skills online on the regular.

    Still, it's great to see everyone rally around her.

  • Bottom line: Leave these two alone.

    Unless you're planning to bubble wrap your children and keep them confined to a room with soft walls, kids are going to fall and hurt themselves -- even if you put out pillows to soften the landing. This isn't Chrissy's first rodeo, so maybe (just maybe) we can give her the benefit of the doubt and let her do what she thinks is best for her son.

    This really shouldn't be an issue.

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