Selma Blair Called Out for Bathtub Photo With Her Son

Selma Blair with son Arthur

Another day, another controversy. Selma Blair's mommy-son bathtub photo continues to make waves and turn heads ... and not for the best of reasons. A number of people think it's inappropriate to share, especially because Arthur is positioned between her legs and looks too old to be in the tub with his mama.

  • Selma recently took to Instagram to share an old photo with her son Arthur.

    "A throwback. We always make our day work," Selma Blair, who's been open about her journey and battle with MS, wrote in her Instagram post. "My dream is to jump in the ocean again with this one. #healing. #thankyou. Signing off. Going to sleep. We all walk the miles somehow. Together. Many the miles. Xxx bless them #bikinibath."

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  • And it didn't take long for critics to sound off.

    Instagram comments

    Since sharing her mommy-son photo, many jumped into Selma's IG comments to express how inappropriate they feel this image is. Whether they feel it looks "weird" or makes them feel "uncomfortable," they are taking time to make their two cents known.

  • They feel Arthur is "too old" to take a bath with his mom, even if Selma happens to be in a bathing suit.

    Instagram comments

    Though Selma used the hashtag #bikinibath in her post, that wasn't enough for people to still feel some kind of way about seeing the image on social media.

  • Others, however, refuse to judge Selma and have no issue defending her.

    Instagram comments

    A number of people think those outraged need to take a chill pill and calm down. Outside of Selma Blair being Arthur's mom -- and therefore making the decision to share what she wants -- they just don't think this photo is worth all the hate and attention it's receiving.

  • Is it too much to give this mom a break?

    Bikini bath or not, does this photo deserve so much negativity? No one is saying Selma's photo should automatically make anyone comfortable following suit. But given how nasty and mean and cold-hearted life can get, is it too much to just keep calm and carry on with life?

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