20 Celebrity Dad Bods We Can't Help But Love

20 Celebrity Dad Bods We Can't Help But Love

Jason Momoa in the bathtub

As weird as this phenomenon is, it seems like the idea of "dad bods" is here to stay -- but it doesn't have to be a bad thing! Although originally, it referred to men who aren't quite as buff as they once were, having a dad bod can be as simple as being a dad with a body, and there's nothing shameful about it! And when it comes to celebrity dads, we'll admit that a lot of them seriously still have it going on, and many of them don't hold back about sharing their muscles on social media ... especially when they're proud of the way they look.

While some men have been "accused" of having a dad bod, others proudly flaunt theirs. Channing Tatum went almost nude on Instagram, and fans went nuts over it. Meanwhile, Matthew McConaughey has been caught by paparazzi at the beach, and people loved that, too.

And these two dudes have different body types right now.

Women (including female celebrities) get a lot of flak for the way their bodies look, especially in a swimsuit. So men definitely shouldn't have to feel the same way. Dad bods of all kinds should totally be celebrated.

Read on for some of the best celebrity dad bods out there. Some are super ripped, and others aren't, and that's okay. What matters is that these guys are there for their kids. And if they wanna take their shirts off at the beach or at the pool, we're all for it. 

Most of us are not complaining about these shirtless photos!

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