Blake Lively Shows Off Baby Bump in New Pic With Ryan Reynolds

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Blake Lively
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Ever since we found out that Blake Lively is expecting her third child, we've been clamoring for more updates. And now, we finally have one -- this time involving husband Ryan Reynolds (squee!). Blake showed off her bump over the weekend alongside her man, and the photo couldn't possibly be more adorable.

  • In a new photo, Blake (and her bump) are hugging Ryan in Boston, where he's filming his current project.

    Ryan shared this photo himself on his Instagram story Saturday, and holy cute! This Hollywood couple looks so happy to be together -- and that bump is getting big!
    People reports Ryan Reynolds is in Boston to film the movie Free Guy about a bank employee who realizes he's actually living in a video game.
    Pretty interesting!
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  • This isn't the first time Blake's been bumpin' around Beantown.

    This photo was only taken a few weeks ago, so it seems she's been spending a lot of time at Ryan's filming on location. (It makes sense!) Blake probably wants to be near her husband, and their daughters, James, 4, and Inez, 2, probably want to spend time with their celeb dad.

  • As always, this photo gave fans the opportunity to gush over this adorable couple.

    So many people are reacting with such joy to see Blake and Ryan together, especially now that she's expecting. Given that they're a pretty private couple when it comes to their kids, any new photos that surface are exciting.

  • If anyone needs us, we'll be here, waiting for the next bumpdate.

    Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds
    Splash News

    We need all the details. Is the baby another girl, or will they be welcoming their first son? When is Blake's due date? What names are they thinking about? These questions probably won't get answered anytime soon, but it's fun to speculate.

    We can't wait to find out who this new little person will be. Already, he or she is so lucky to have such awesome parents.

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