20 Celebrities Who Support Their LGBTQ Kids With Pride

20 Celebrities Who Support Their LGBTQ Kids With Pride
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Magic Johnson, Cookie Johnson and EJ Johnson
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Most parents want to see their children be happy and thrive, and that includes celebrity parents. A mom or dad's support can be everything to a kid -- no matter their age -- but when a child comes out as gay or trans, it's not always a given. But plenty of celebs are also their child's number one fan, despite how they identify. Some of those parents have become outspoken about championing their LGBTQ kids' rights at every opportunity.

In 2019, it can be hard to imagine that anyone wouldn't be tolerant of someone else's sexuality. Unfortunately, it's still all too common for LGBTQ people to face hatred and discrimination -- sometimes from inside their own families. Every parent should unconditionally love their child, but a lot of people don't have that kind of love from their parents.

The decision to come out is personal, and for many members of the LGBTQ community, it can be especially difficult if they're worried about how their parents might react to the news. But when it comes to these celebrities, it seems like they're truly supportive of their kids sharing their truth and being who they are openly and without holding back.

Read on for celebrity parents who are huge supporters of their LGBTQ children. Even though many of these children are all grown up now, these parents have never stopped being vocal about their love and pride for their kids -- and many of them have even joined in the fight for equal rights.

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