Jessica Simpson Draws Fire for Bassinet Pic of Baby Birdie

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Jessica Simpson
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This poor mama just can't catch a break -- even when she's not in a photo being criticized. Jessica Simpson's latest pic of baby Birdie is an adorable shot of the almost 3-month-old that's sparking a touch of controversy for one of the craziest reasons.

  • Little Birdie Mae is pretty in pink in this new pic for the 'Gram.

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    Jessica and her hubby, Eric Johnson, welcomed Birdie Mae back in March. The cutie pie joins their daughter Maxwell, 7, and son Ace, 5.

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  • For the most part, people are in love with the shot.

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    Birdie is a cutie patootie, so it's only natural for people to be in love with this photo. She always looks unbothered, which is the kind of life we can only aspire to live one day (LOL).

  • Others, however, feel some kind of way about the bassinet she's in and are sounding off.

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    Apparently, the bassinet baby B is in costs upward of $3,000, which is a pretty coin, unless you're a celebrity mama like Jessica Simpson.

    Seriously, is this really that shocking -- or that big of a deal to people?

  • Thankfully, folks are defending the celeb mom by telling haters what they can do.

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    Spoiler alert: Mind their business.

    It's really not that hard. You see something, say "Oh, okay" to yourself, and move on with life. There's seriously no need for anyone to lose sleep or feel the spirit behoove them to publicly criticize a mother for her choice of bassinet.

    There are bigger issue to care about!

  • Jess is free to do whatever she wants with her money.

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    It’s a Birdie Mae Sunday 💚

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    If she wants a $3,000-plus bassinet for her daughter, who are we to stop her. Heck, can we get a $3,000 bassinet (in the event she's feeling charitable)? Three thousand dollars is likely like $300 to Jessica Simpson. (It's more like $30,000 to us, LOL.) Either way, we refuse to criticize her for something we didn't pay for, and simply think people would be happier if they did the same.

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