Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her Kids' Sweet Bond in New Photos

Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson, Maxwell Johnson, Ace Johnson, Birdie Johnson

We can't get enough of Jessica Simpson's adorable family, especially now that they've welcomed baby Birdie. And now, this mama is giving us a sweet update on her kiddos. Over the weekend, Jessica shared new photos of her kids with Birdie, and we're in a puddle on the floor over all the cute.

  • Jessica shared a photo of big sister Maxwell, 7, reading to Birdie.

    How sweet is this?! They might be seven years apart, but if we had to guess, we'd say that Maxi and Birdie are going to end up having a really close relationship -- especially if she keeps reading to her little sis like this when she's little.

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  • And if this wasn't precious enough, she also shared a photo of son Ace Knute, 5, grinning as he crouches down to stand next to Birdie.

    We don't know what's cuter, Ace's huge smile or Birdie's dog pajamas. Either way, this is such a sweet photo of 2-month-old Birdie Mae with her older brother, and it definitely seems as if Jessica Simpson is a very proud parent.

  • Fans are loving the relationship that Jessica's kids have with each other, especially where Birdie is concerned.

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    If they're building this kind of foundation when they're young, there's no doubt that they will continue to treat each other with love as they get older. And as anyone who's close with their siblings well into adulthood can attest, that kind of relationship is invaluable.

  • We can't wait to continue watching these three grow up together.

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    There already seems to be so much love there, and we know they'll have a blast playing together when Birdie is old enough. Hopefully, there will be no shortage of photos from their mom.

    Our hearts aren't ready!

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