Amy Schumer Shows Postpartum Life in New Pics With Baby Gene

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Amy Schumer
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Looks like someone rang in her birthday in style, and by style, we're totally being sarcastic in the most loving way. Amy Schumer's birthday photo with her baby son is pretty much how we'd expect the first-time mama to celebrate her special day and is capturing the hearts of her followers everywhere.

  • Amy recently took to the 'Gram to share an update on motherhood in the most Amy Schumer kind of way.

    "This sh** is [bananas]," Amy Schumer hilariously writes in her Instagram post.

    Bed. Baby. Plate of food. We can get down with this. Although Amy did joke about her birthday by sharing a photo of random people having fun (LOL), we think a quiet night in with her family sounds perfect to us.
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  • She also shared a fun family shot on Instagram Stories that pretty much sums up life as a new parent.

    Spoiler alert: New parents should sleep whenever and wherever they can.

    Amy Schumer and hubby Chris Fischer welcomed baby Gene Atwell Fischer on May 5, and he's just as cute as can be.

  • Obviously, folks love Amy's photos.

    Instagram comments

    We're here for precious mother-son moments -- as well as a tired mama getting her rest. Parenting is no joke and is far from being glamorous.

  • Others can't help but applaud her for showing what postpartum life really looks like.

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    Giving birth -- and the pregnancy journey leading up to "D-Day" -- is just the beginning. No one really talks about postpartum life and trying to recover while adjusting to the new normal of having a baby. Notions of "snapping back" and trying to look "glam" are just as fake as the filters used to share such images online, and new moms need to know it's OK to look how you feel.

  • We live for these moments.

    Thanks, Amy, for sharing a look at motherhood without filters or shame.

    And happy belated birthday, mama!

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