Snooki's New Pics of Her Three Kids Together Are Truly Precious

Snooki with her kids

It hasn't even been a week since this Jersey Shore star welcomed her third little meatball, and we're already hooked! Snooki's new pics of her three kids are beyond adorable and deserve every fancy frame at Target. Baby Angelo is an adorable addition to this already adorable family, and he's stealing hearts everywhere.

  • We get to see all three of Snooki's children for the first time.

    Snooki Polizzi and her hubby, Jionni LaValle, welcomed their third child, a baby son named Angelo James, on Thursday. The sweet baby boy joins their kiddos -- son Lorenzo, 6, and daughter, Giovanna, 4 -- who are clearly happy to be older siblings.

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  • And the photos are heartwarming to say the least.

    "MY SQUAD ... So proud of Lorenzo & Giovanna for killing it with Angelo! #ProudMawma," Snooki writes in her beautiful Instagram post.

    So. Stinking. Cute.
  • This photo brings so many feels. The LaValle brothers taking in a moment together. Lorenzo, as the oldest sibling, taking some one-on-one time with his youngest sibling.

    We can't!

  • Needless to say, fans of Snooki are taking it all in.

    Instagram comments

    They love these family photos and likely want more.

    And to be honest, so do we!

  • So. So. Precious.

    A million congrats on the newest addition, Snooks! We can only imagine all the fun memories you all will make -- including with other Jersey Shore stars who have kiddos.

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