Jessica Simpson Is the Queen of Liquid Gold in New Breast Milk Pic

Christopher Peterson/Splash News

Jessica Simpson
Christopher Peterson/Splash News

When it comes to breastfeeding her child, this mama isn't playing around. Jessica Simpson's new photo of her breast milk supply is quite impressive (seriously, it really is) and has a number of people sounding off in the most supportive way.

  • Jess took to the 'Gram to share a snap of all the breast milk she's saving up for her newest addition.

    "I'm starting to think we should add breast milk to the Jessica Simpson Collection," Jessica Simpson jokes in her latest Instagram post.

    Jessica and her hubby, Eric Johnson, welcomed their third child, a daughter named Birdie Mae,  in March. The adorable little girl joins their two children: daughter Maxwell Drew, 7, and son Ace Knute, 5.

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  • And it's pretty awesome.

    Increasing your breast milk supply isn't always a walk in the park -- which makes this Jessica's personal storage super impressive! Breastfeeding, and trying to keep up with the schedule, can stir up so many emotions. We'll happily celebrate anyone who finds success as it's never guaranteed.

  • People can't help but celebrate Jessica's accomplishment.

    Instagram comments

    Fellow moms are even encouraging her to donate breast milk to help other moms who might be struggling to keep up their supply, or can't breastfeed and want the option to give their babies breast milk.

  • Baby Birdie always looks like she's hangry, so this supply will likely come in handy.

    She is one of the cutest chunky-cheeked babies we've seen around!

    Keep up the awesome work, Jess!

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