Snooki Called Out for Being Frustrated She's Still Pregnant


The interwebs have no fury like folks mad at an expectant mom for keeping it real about how she feels. Snooki is over being pregnant, and it seems a number of people are having a hard time with a "nickname" she recently called her baby on the way -- likely out of frustration.

  • Snooki is clearly growing impatient (relatable) waiting for her third child and doesn't care who knows it.

    "Come out you little s***," Snooki captions in a Boomerang clip she shared on Instagram Stories. Back in November, Snooki revealed she's expecting her third child with hubby Jionni LaValle. The two have two kiddos -- son Lorenzo, 6, and daughter Giovanna, 4, -- who likely are waiting for their little brother (Snooki is having another boy!) to make his grand debut.

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  • She's tired and frustrated and wants her baby son out ... yesterday.

    Poor Snooks has been trying to induce labor and has been unsuccessful. This poor Jersey Shore star is 4'8" and doesn't feel she has the physical capacity (aka space) to carry LO anymore.

  • Welp, some people caught wind of Snooki's pregnancy confession and feel it's out of order.

    Facebook comments

    Judging by these comments, it looks as if folks don't think Snooki's honesty is refreshing or appropriate. They actually think it's "horrible" and aren't too happy with the expectant mom speaking so ill of her unborn child.

  • Others, however, totally get it and don't see the big deal.

    Facebook comments

    Listen, that third trimester is something else. There's pain, discomfort, frustration, fatigue, more discomfort, and a long line of other things that happen that are anything but pleasant. Yes, pregnant moms are thankful to be able to carry a child and bring one into the world, but that doesn't mean there aren't hurdles and fire pits women will face before getting to the finish line (labor with more pain, LOL).

    So maybe we can give Snooki a break?

  • Please let this tired mama be.

    Snooki is not the first pregnant woman to express her frustration with a bun taking what feels like an eternity coming out of the oven.

    ... and she likely won't be the last.

    Regardless, we need to stop throwing stones at people for having a human moment.

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