Amy Schumer Shuts Down Mom Shamers With the Perfect Response

Amy Schumer

She may have only been a mom for a few weeks, but Amy Schumer is quickly finding out what it's like when strangers on the Internet disagree with her parenting choices ... and she is not here for it. Amy shut down her mom shamers on Instagram with the most perfect photo.

And honestly, we can't help but cheer for her.

  • In the pic, Amy is stripped down and pumping, letting everyone know that she will not be shamed for going back to work after her child's birth.

    On Monday, Amy returned to the stage at a comedy club and showed off a photo of herself back in action on Insta. But instead of cheering her on, a lot of people commented to let her know that she needs to be on the couch, not back at work -- as if that's not a decision that she's totally capable of making for herself based on how she feels.

    But now, this new mom making it clear that she's not going to let the haters bring her down. And once again, Amy's showing a side of motherhood that most celebrities don't share on social media ... and we love that she's doing it as a way of standing up for herself.

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  • It's been almost a month since Amy gave birth to her baby son.

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    New kid, who dis?

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    After what seemed like a truly difficult pregnancy, she and husband Chris Fischer welcomed Gene Attell on May 5. Since then, Amy seems to be over the moon to have time to cuddle with her little one. 

    But she's also making time to pursue her other passions -- like comedy -- and we honestly have to applaud her for getting back out there so soon. This lady is unstoppable, and fortunately, it seems a lot of people agree, despite the haters.

  • Plenty of people have been sounding off, sharing their support for Amy's decision to start working again.

    Instagram comments

    They're right: Amy is totally a rock star. Recovery after childbirth is different for everyone. She should keep doing what's best for her, because only she knows herself and her own body.

  • It's good to see Amy's not letting the rude comments get to her.

    Maybe now that she's getting back into the swing of comedy again, we'll get a Netflix special about her motherhood experiences soon -- like how she talked about her pregnancy in Growing?

    We can only hope.