Amy Schumer Mom-Shamed for Returning to Work Weeks After Giving Birth

Amy Schumer

Is it truly not possible for Amy Schumer to do anything without getting criticism for it? This week, Amy returned to work weeks after giving birth to her first child, and of course, the mom shamers have already come out in full force.

  • On Monday, Schumer shared a photo of herself doing stand-up comedy for the first time since she gave birth.

    This new mom is officially back in action, and we're sure everyone who was there that night was glad to see her. After all, she is pretty hilarious -- and looked awesome.

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  • We're pretty impressed that Amy is already back on stage, just weeks after welcoming her son.

    On May 6, Amy announced her baby's arrival, introducing her son, Gene Attell Fisher, to her Instagram followers for the first time with an adorable photo from the delivery room. 

    Throughout her pregnancy, Amy kept it real about how tough the process was on her and her body and that she suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum that required her to be hospitalized. She must be feeling much better now, because less than a month after Gene's birth, she's back in action.

  • Plenty of people hopped in Amy's comments to offer her their support.

    Instagram comments

    Quoting Beyonce -- talking about how amazing women are in general -- this is the kind of energy we love to see, and Amy is deserving of every bit of it.

  • Others took the opportunity to shame Amy for going back to work already.

    Instagram comments

    Everyone's postpartum experience is different. While some women may not have felt like they could get off the couch less than a month after welcoming their little one, some women want to get back out there. Obviously, Amy felt comfortable getting on stage (at least for the night), and she's the only one who can make that call.

  • It seems Amy's taking the criticism pretty well, though.

    Instagram comments

    As Jimmy Kimmel's wife, Molly McNearny, pointed out in the comments, the shaming was inevitable ... but it seems as if Amy is treating this as a rite of passage more than anything else. It's true: Does any celebrity (or any mom) escape motherhood without being mom-shamed for the choices they make?

  • We're rooting for Amy, and we're excited to see that she's feeling good enough to make people laugh again.

    After seeing how sick she felt during pregnancy, we can't imagine what a relief it must be to have that part of her journey over with. One day, her kiddo will grow up to realize what a bada** his mom is, and we don't doubt that he'll be so proud. 

    Now, we're just waiting on more photos of baby Gene.

    Let's have 'em, Amy!

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