20 Celebrities Who Secretly Had Kids

20 Celebrities Who Secretly Had Kids
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Sandra Bullock
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Following along with celebrity pregnancies and watching as their families grow is so much fun. But welcoming a new child is such a personal part of life that a lot of actors opt to keep things under wraps. It's a bummer not to be filled in on all the details, but it makes sense that some stars prefer to stay more private about that area of their lives. And even though it seems nearly impossible to accomplish, a lot of celebrity parents have managed to have children -- and even go through nine months of pregnancy -- without the rest of the world catching on.

We totally get it: Pregnancy and childbirth can be really hard, and we can't imagine what it must be like to go through those major life events while living under a microscope. If a future celebrity mama wants a break while she adjusts to life with a newborn, we can't really blame her.

It's a personal decision that each parent needs to make for themselves.

Recently, Jessica Chastain and Adam Driver became parents without anyone finding out -- and that's just the beginning. We'll forever be amazed by Kylie Jenner who, somehow managed to keep her entire pregnancy with daughter Stormi Webster quiet without any real details or photos being leaked to the public until she was ready to announce her baby's arrival to the world -- despite all the speculation that came with it for months beforehand.

There are so many stars who secretly had kids and either filled their fans in later or waited for the news to get out on its own. We have to give them props for this. As much as we love news about celebrity babies, we're impressed that they're so good at keeping a secret!