Tori Roloff Opens Up About Her Second Pregnancy

Tori Roloff

We're still celebrating news Tori and Zach are expecting baby #2 in November! Tons of Little People, Big World fans have been crossing their fingers this beloved couple would give Jackson Roloff a sibling (a baby girl is on the way!), and now, it looks like the expectant mama is ready to share some deets about the journey thus far. Tori Roloff is opening up about her second pregnancy in an intimate Q&A with her followers.

  • Tori hit up Instagram Stories recently to answer questions about baby #2.

    We love how transparent and honest Tori is about life and being a mom -- including all the not so wonderful moments that's truly refreshing.

    Us moms don't always have it together, and that's okay.

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  • She's in her second trimester and is dealing with "all" of the pregnancy symptoms this time around.

    Tender bubbies.

    Mood swings.




    There are like 50 million pregnancy symptoms a mom-to-be will likely face, so we hope Tori doesn't have her head in the toilet all the time.

  • Tori does her best to keep up with her newly 2-year-old son, but, as expected, morning sickness can be a real mother.

    (Y'all know the rest, LOL.)

    Thankfully, it sounds as if Zach Roloff is holding things down in the play department to give Tori some much-needed time to rest.

  • Still, she's over the moon for her baby girl on the way after months of trying.

    As Tori notes, "conceiving isn't as easy as it's made out to be" -- which is something more women need to hear. No amount of headstands, bending over the bed backward, or raising a leg in the shower will make getting pregnant easier.

  • And we couldn't be happier for this family!

    We're so excited another Roloff baby is on the way!

    Congrats again!

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