Jessica Simpson's First Post-Baby Body Pic Is Too Relatable

Jessica Simpson

We love the way Jessica Simpson always keeps it real when it comes to her pregnancies and postpartum experiences. And this time, she's really making us LOL. Recently, Jessica shared her first post-baby body photo since giving birth to her daughter Birdie.

... and it's way too relatable.

  • Jessica shared this photo from her latest exercise sesh, doing her stretches ... as much as she could, anyway.

    The rubber corset -- many of us know it well.

    If you've worn any kind of shapewear or wrap after giving birth to help put everything back where it goes, you know exactly what she's talking about ... and how stretching is pretty much impossible while you're wearing it.

    But hey, Jess is up and out and about, and that's what counts.

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  • It looks like she's already trying to whip herself back into shape after giving birth to baby Birdie less than two months ago.

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    It’s a Birdie Mae Sunday 💚

    A post shared by Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson) on

    Birdie Mae Johnson was born on March 19, and we can't get enough of the photos Jess has shared of her so far -- especially those chunky baby cheeks! Birdie joins Jessica's two other children with husband Eric Johnson, Maxwell Drew, 7, and Ace Knute, 5.

    Considering that Jessica's been open about her difficult pregnancy and birth, we're surprised to see she's already back at it. But if she feels she's ready to work out again, all the more power to her!

  • So many people are loving Jessica's honesty in this post.

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    With so much pressure to "snap back" immediately after giving birth, it's refreshing when a celebrity mom such as Jess is honest about what it's really like. 

    And that comment about giving it time is so right: Growing a human is no joke. It does take time (and patience) to lose the weight after pregnancy.

  • Other can't help but cheer Jessica on.

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    They're right -- she's totally got this.

    It's hard, but she can do it!

  • We're rooting for Jess in her postpartum journey, whatever it ends up looking like for her. 

    We just hope she keeps sharing her experience along the way. 

    She's hilarious and real, and we love that around here.

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