21 Celebs Whose Pics of Their Kids Got Them in Trouble

21 Celebs Whose Pics of Their Kids Got Them in Trouble

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Being a celebrity mom is a tricky thing, and somehow, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat have made it that much more complicated. Social media is such a big part of everyone's lives that it can be hard not to share everything. But when it comes to celebrity parents, that can mean sharing their kids' lives with audiences in the thousands -- sometimes even the millions. And as we're all aware, the Internet isn't always the kindest. This has led to a lot of celebrities being called out for their parenting decisions because of the photos they post.

(The judgment is real.)

Of course, most of what celebrities share of their children is the fluff -- the adorable photos and the milestones, the kind of stuff we, as fans, just love to see. But once in awhile, they land in some hot water because of something they posted as there's always people who are all too ready to point it out to them.

Getting that much flak for these parenting decisions has to be hard, and honestly, who wants to deal with strangers and their commentary? In a perfect world, these celebs wouldn't have to give a second thought to sharing their kiddos with the rest of us -- and most of us just want to share in their family's joy. But unfortunately, everyone's a critic these days, and we'd probably get pretty fed up with it after a while, too.

These are just some of the celebrities who've gotten into trouble because of photos they've shared of their kids on social media. On one hand, it's good to see the information about what's safe and what's not being exchanged online. On the other hand, some of this stuff is just petty.

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