John Stamos Admits His Wife Was 'Hammered' Before She Gave Birth

Caitlin McHugh and John Stamos with son

This month, John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh's son Billy turned 1. And now we're hearing about a detail surrounding his birth that's making us seriously raise our eyebrows. According to the Fuller House star himself, John's wife was "hammered" when she went into labor ... and no, we're not kidding.


  • Apparently, Caitlin went to the doctor for what turned out to be false labor and was advised to go home and have a glass of wine.

    As John tells it, Caitlin "normally doesn't drink and hadn't for months." Makes sense. After all, she was pregnant. After experiencing a false alarm in the labor department, she had a glass of wine -- following the doctor's orders -- and apparently ended up drunk, just in time for her water to break. 

    "She was hammered," John told People about his wife's birth experience, with Caitlin adding, "It was basically a Slip n' Slide."

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  • Being "hammered" when your water breaks isn't exactly conventional, and people have a LOT of opinions.

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    The reactions to this one were all over the place ... with most of them being negative. Some people think their kid is going to be called names for this (really?), with others unimpressed with Caitlin's choice to drink at all -- even though her doctor recommended it.

    (We will admit that it has us scratching our heads a little.)

  • Others, however, have no problem coming to Caitlin's defense.

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    It does sound like she was only "hammered" because she doesn't drink often, and one glass of wine can have that effect on you if it's been a while. (We doubt, however, Caitlin's goal was to get drunk.)

    But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there's "no known safe amount" of alcohol that can be consumed during pregnancy -- or a time during pregnancy that's officially safe to drink. But if Caitlin and her doctor agreed it was something they were comfortable with, obviously, it was their choice to make.

  • Besides, what really matters is that Caitlin and John's baby is happy and safe -- and it seems like he definitely is.

    This story has a happy ending, even if it made us WTF a little bit.

    And that's what counts, right?

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