Amy Schumer's Marijuana Message to Pregnant Women Draws Fire

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Amy Schumer
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Leave it to this mom-to-be to turn heads and leave people all sorts of p*ssed off. Amy Schumer is known for her laughs and ability to cross the line without as much as a care in the world -- even if it draws fire. Case in point: Amy Schumer's marijuana message to expectant moms is getting mixed reviews. Some people think it's funny, and others ... not so much.

  • To celebrate 4/20, Amy took to the 'Gram to post a photo of a woman who looks pregnant "smoking" while cradling her baby bump.

    (We also see some booze in her baby carriage, but we'll stay on topic.)

    April 20 (4/20) is a special day in cannabis culture to "light up," so to speak. Obviously, Amy's special message to fellow moms-to-be has people doing a double take -- outside of this visual -- as she's expecting her first child with husband Chris Fischer.

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  • Welp, some folks laughed at the joke.

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    Moms who smoke weed is already a touchy subject, so we already knew a joke about pregnant moms enjoying grass would definitely make people stop and take pause. But instead of getting upset, a number of Amy's followers are laughing off her antics.

  • Others, however, don't think Amy Schumer's post is a laughing matter.

    Instagram comments

    Smoking of any sort while pregnant is controversial enough. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) asserts "marijuana during pregnancy may impact your baby's development" and can be harmful, though the organization is quick to note "more research is needed" to understand how marijuana impacts pregnancy.

  • Did she go too far?

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    Amy is known for her over-the-top posts, so this one isn't super out of the norm from what she posts. As with all things, people will have opinions and will have to decide whether or not (in their opinion) Amy went too far.

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