Joanna Gaines's New Photos of Baby Crew Are Everything

Joanna Gaines, Crew Gaines

We're obsessed with Joanna Gaines and her entire family, but when it comes to her youngest son, Crew Gaines, we just can't get enough. And over the weekend, she shared tons of new photos of Crew -- including his adventures on his first Easter -- that are just too cute. And of course it involved hanging out on the farm picking carrots, because this is the Gaines fam, after all. 

  • According to Jo's Instagram story, she stuck Crew in a patch of carrots and waited to see what happened.

    Crew Gaines
    joannagaines/Instagram Story

    "I was either going to stick him in a patch of bluebonnets or carrots.." she wrote.

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  • At first, he definitely didn't seem sold on it. 

    Crew Gaies
    joannagaines/Instagram Story

    Can you blame him? It's not like he understands what Jo's plan was there, so being plopped down in the dirt with a bunch of carrots by his mom was probably a bit of a "what the heck" moment for him. 

    Still really cute, though, even in his confusion. We just wanna squeeze those cheeks!

  • And in the end, he really liked it. 

    Crew Gaines
    joannagaines/Instagram Story

    That grin! Pure joy.

    Yep, this boy loves carrots and the farm -- he already fits in with the rest of the fam! We have a feeling Joanna's pretty relieved about this one. 

  • It seems like everybody else in the Gaines family had a pretty sweet Easter, too.

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    Happy Easter from the Farm!

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    Then again, knowing Chip and Joanna, is that really a surprise? 

    We can't believe that Crew is already turning 1 in June, and we've been living for these updates. We can't wait to see how big he is this time next year -- maybe that's when he'll get acquainted with those bluebonnets?