20 Celeb Moms Who Showed Off Their Post-Baby Body Shortly After Giving Birth

Bethany Quinn | Apr 12, 2019 Celebrity Moms
20 Celeb Moms Who Showed Off Their Post-Baby Body Shortly After Giving Birth
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Kate Middleton
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It's no secret Hollywood sets pretty high standards for beauty and fitness. Celebrities always have to look their best, whether they are walking a red carpet, or walking their dog. So it's no surprise that celebs are also known for bouncing back super quick after having a baby. Whether it's pressure from Hollywood or pressure they put on themselves, it seems almost superhero-like when a celebrity is back in a bikini or on the red carpet just weeks -- days even -- after having a baby. While it might not seem normal for us regular folk, it's become the norm for Hollywood moms.
But many stars have recently pushed back against that unfair expectation, sharing some of their most personal and private moments on social media in the hopes that fans will see what they really look like postpartum. We love when celebs get real about their post-baby bodies and own up to the fact that it's actually not so glamorous after all.

Because, come on, there's really no way to make adult diapers look sexy ...

Whether they are defining their "new normal," taking time to relish in their new bodies, or even admitting to the fact that they feel the pressure to look great right away, we love these celeb moms for their honesty and their humor. Motherhood is the ultimate equalizer, so while we may not have the fancy cars or lavish lifestyles, we love that we can relate to our favorite celebs when it comes to all the changes that come with becoming a mom. (They aren't always pretty.)
Here are 20 celeb moms who showed off their post baby bodies shortly after giving birth.
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