Amy Schumer's Pregnancy Hack to Put on Socks Is Too Relatable

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Amy Schumer
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We've said it before and we'll say it again: There's never a dull moment with this expectant celeb mom. Case in point: Amy Schumer is sharing a pregnancy hack to help fellow moms-to-be get their socks on (or at least the right one) with as little grunting as possible.

And we must say, it's pretty good.

  • Amy is sharing a secret on Instagram that just might save expectant moms time and having to grunt while attempting to put on socks.

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    Who knew moving your right foot on the bed to slide on a sock would save so much heartache and pain? It's a pretty great pregnancy hack that sure beats having to bend and snap like we're in some Legally Blonde sequel.

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  • As one might expect, people couldn't help but laugh at how real the struggle is.

    Instagram comments

    ... and how real this hack actually works (LOL)!

    Heaven knows, being pregnant isn't super glamorous as is to be spending 56 hours trying to put on a sock of all things.

  • But wait, there's more! Amy blessed us with another pregnancy hack.

    "When it comes to pregnancy, you're supposed to always be sort of stretching and using any surfaces -- even if you're in FedEx," Amy Schumer mentions in her hilarious Instagram Stories video.

    "Wherever, wherever."

  • Oh, Amy.

    We seriously cannot.


    Kidding, we totally can. Thanks for keeping the laughs coming!

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