Hilary Duff Shares an Intimate Look at Her Home Birth

Hilary Duff with her daughter Banks

Be still out hearts! Hilary Duff's video of her home birth has people taking pause. It's a beautiful moment between the celeb mom and her growing bundle of joy that comes with the most tender (and unexpected) hug. (Seriously, it's adorable!!)

  • Hilary took to Instagram to share never-before-seen footage after giving birth to her second child.

    "I've been wondering for a long time if I would ever share this video as it is extremely personal ... " Hilary Duff shared in her Instagram post about giving birth.

    "[I]t was so absolutely lovely and rewarding(and shocking) that after giving birth to my baby girl we hugged ... for the first time, In my mind I like to believe that she was saying good job mom. Go team go. We did it. Together. Matt provided such a safe calm strength, my mommy and sissy were there to cheer me on, and of course my birth angels to make sure all was well and big brother (downstairs deep in legos).

    I cannot believe this day was only 5 months ago!! It seems like B has been here with us all along. The time is already going so fast..she tried avocado yesterday! Anyway ... feeling blessed for this full hectic life and all the people in it. Happy 5 months Banks (oh and thanks for quitting colic) that was a doozy."

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  • And it's the most precious thing we've seen.

    That hug!!!

    Hilary welcomed Banks Violet Bair on October 25 with beau Matthew Koma. Baby Banks joins Hilary's 7-year-old son, Luca, from a previous relationship.

  • People are in love with Hilary's intimate video.

    Instagram comments

    It really is one of the cutest mommy-daughter moments we've seen in a long time.

    (Sidenote: Check out Matthew hinting at another baby with Hilary, LOL. We see ya, dad!)

  • Thanks for this, Hilary.

    Such a beautiful family moment that warmed our hearts.

    Goodness, that smile is still getting to us!

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