20 Celebrity Pregnancy Cravings That Actually Sound Pretty Good

Bethany Quinn | Mar 21, 2019 Celebrity Moms
20 Celebrity Pregnancy Cravings That Actually Sound Pretty Good
Image: Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Extra

Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Extra

While we often look to celebrities to inspire us with their enviable closets, fancy cars and lavish vacations, there's one aspect of their lives where they are just like us. No, it's not pumping their own gas or shopping for groceries, we are talking about pregnancy. Pregnancy is the ultimate equalizer, and even Hollywood's elite are not immune to all the "fun" things that come with carrying a baby for nine months. Whether it's morning sickness or weight gain, stars also have to deal with the side effects of pregnancy, no matter how fabulous they are! In fact, many celeb moms have discussed the weird cravings they've experienced throughout their pregnancies, and they're nothing if not totally relatable.

We all know that celebrities stick to strict diets all year to keep their bodies fit and camera-ready, but during pregnancy, all bets are off. Meat eaters suddenly get hamburger aversions, while vegans find themselves scarfing down creamy treats left and right. So what gives? Well, it turns out the culprit is those pesky hormones that overload our systems when we are pregnant. Hormones are to blame for appetite changes during pregnancy and can often leave pregnant women feeling confused about their new food choices. But since it's temporary, it's totally OK to give into whatever one is craving while pregnant and we love that these celebs let loose and indulge!

So what are our favorite Hollywood moms craving? Pickles? Ice cream? Pickles and ice cream? Well, it turns out some of their cravings are pretty run-of-the-mill, while some are downright strange.

Check out these 20 celebs who got super real about their pregnancy cravings.

  • Kate Middleton

    Kate Middleton
    Splash News

    The Duchess of Cambridge had a craving for vegetarian curry while pregnant with Prince George. A store owner in her parents' town revealed to Hello Magazine that Kate and Will popped in for a bite to eat in 2013.

    "My wife made her curry a little while ago which she enjoyed," the shop owner said. "I think she came in one day and my wife was cooking upstairs. She said it smelled lovely, so my wife gave her some to take away."

  • Jessica Simpson

    Jessica Simpson
    Splash News

    While pregnant with her first child, Jessica Simpson told People, "I crave cantaloupe like a crazy person. But I put salt all over it, so I don't know if it’s that healthy." She added, "I crave anything salty and sweet. That mixture to me is so good. I can eat a whole cantaloupe in one morning."  

    Hmmm, interesting.

  • Hilary Duff

    Hilary Duff
    Splash News

    The Younger star craved licorice during her second pregnancy, specifically candy coated licorice in the form of Good & Plenty. Hilary Duff praised her beau, Matthew Koma, for hunting down the snack for her in a sweet Instagram post last year.

  • Kim Kardashian

    Kim Kardashian
    Splash News

    Kim Kardashian went crazy for queso during her pregnancies. "Mostly cheese, chili cheese fries, everything with cheese," the reality star once told E! News.

  • Chrissy Teigen

    Chrissy Teigen
    Splash News

    Chrissy Teigen wrote the book on cravings (literally!), so it's no surprise her pregnancy cravings were epic! She craved burritos -- large ones -- and husband John Legend admitted Chrissy's sweet tooth got kicked up a notch.

    "I think she likes sweets a little more than she used to but other than that ... She likes to eat, and we have a little baby to eat for too," he told Entertainment Tonight.

  • Blake Lively

    Blake Lively
    Splash News

    The Gossip Girl star got specific when describing her pregnancy cravings. "I do have a sweet tooth, but a good sweet tooth -- not overly sweet, not saccharin. Like dark chocolate," Lively told E! News. "I like salty and sweet."

  • Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi

    Nicole Polizzi
    Splash News

    For the Jersey Shore star, it was all about fruit, and lots of it.

    "I craved a lot of fruit the first pregnancy, and this time it's strawberries. [During my first pregnancy], I would eat so much pineapple that my tongue would burn from the acid," Snooki told Us Weekly.

  • Carrie Underwood

    Carrie Underwood
    Splash News

    Carrie Underwood is super health conscious. She's famously vegan and even has her own line of workout wear, so it must have come as a surprise to her when she began craving Pop Tarts during her first pregnancy.

    "Sometimes I'll wake up in the middle of the night and I'll be like, 'Man, I'm hungry' and then I'll get up and have a midnight snack, which I've never done before. I ate Pop-Tarts," Underwood told Rachael Ray. "I haven't done that since college. But I knew they were in the pantry."

  • Mila Kunis

    Mila Kunis
    Splash News

    Mila Kunis was born in Ukraine and her pregnancy craving was a nod to her heritage. The actress craved sauerkraut while pregnant with her first child.

    "Here's the truth: This is the worst craving to have, because sauerkraut smells," she told Ellen. "So every time you open up a jar, it just reeks in the whole kitchen."

    Poor Ashton!

  • Hayden Panettiere

    Hayden Panettiere
    Splash News

    Hayden revealed to Giuliana Rancic in 2014 that she had a delicious and nutritious craving for chicken noodle soup which she said was definitely "accentuated," when she was pregnant.

    We get it.

  • Kelly Rowland

    Kelly Rowland
    Splash News

    Kelly admitted to loving "cherry pie and chocolate ice cream with peanut butter mixed in," in an interview with Elle magazine.

    We don't know how she did it, because she is seriously one of the fittest moms we have ever seen!

  • Kourtney Kardashian

    Kourtney Kardashian
    Splash News

    A classic bagel with cream cheese and jelly satisfied the eldest Kardashian's pregnancy craving just fine, she revealed on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kourtney said she would, "get nauseous a lot, so just eating a plain bagel was like my savior."

  • Alicia Keys

    Alicia Keys
    Splash News

    The singer admitted to craving fruit, but with one important twist ... it had to be roasted.

    "I've had this strange craving for roasted fruit," she told Us Weekly. "Like roasted cherries and grilled bananas."

    Hey, we've definitely heard of weirder cravings than that.

  • Behati Prinsloo

    Behati Prinsloo
    Splash News

    The Victoria's Secret model had some strange pregnancy craving combos -- including fries dipped into a milkshake, and apples with Tajín seasoning.

    What unusual choices!
  • Natalie Portman

    Natalie Portman
    Splash News

    For her first pregnancy, Natalie craved sweets!

    "I wanted cream puffs, anything dessert with cream in it, or just plain whipped cream straight," she told Ellen DeGeneres. For her second it was a bit different. "This time it's, like, healthy -- pineapple, cucumbers, burritos -- which is maybe less healthy, but delicious," she said.

  • Jessica Alba

    Jessica Alba
    Splash News
    "Sometimes you can't get a food out of your mind," Alba once told Latina magazine during her second pregnancy.

    "I could always eat watermelon. With Honor, I loved fruit, too. It's a decent craving. You still eat cheeseburgers and pickles -- you just want watermelon really bad. I don't deprive myself of anything. I eat whatever."

    Sounds perfect.
  • Ellie Kemper

    Ellie Kemper
    Splash News

    I scream, we scream, Ellie Kemper screams for ice cream!

    "I don't know if this is because of the pregnancy or just because I love ice cream but I've been eating a lot of ice cream," she revealed to Conan O’Brien. "It's gotten to the point where I ... feel like an alcoholic but it's for Ben & Jerry's. I'm ashamed. I go to [the bodega] every night ... the [bodega owner and I] make eye contact and I, like, sort of look away."

  • Laura Prepon

    Laura Prepon
    Splash News

    It was pastrami on rye for the Orange is the New Black star while expecting.

    "I haven't eaten that stuff in years," she said on Live with Kelly and Ryan. "Since I've been pregnant I've been craving kind of like this Jewish deli food, with the pickles and the sauerkraut and mustard. So we kind of delve into that."

  • Molly Sims

    Molly Sims
    Splash News

    For the supermodel mom it was all about "sugar." 

    "I had two hot chocolates the other day in a row. Literally two packs, two sets of marshmallows in two different cups," Molly confessed to Parents.com when she was pregnant with her second child.

    Hot chocolate sounds heavenly right now.
  • Alyssa Milano

    Alyssa Milano
    Splash News

    Lucky for Alyssa, her craving was super healthy.

    "I can't even consider it a craving because it's so odd. But I can't get enough broccoli!" she said during the premiere of Hall Pass in 2011.

    We're sure her doctor approved of it!

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