Kristen Bell Is Showing Off Her New 'Mom Bob' & Fans Are Loving It

Kristen Bell photo

Plenty of people enjoy showing off their new haircut via social media, and it appears that a certain celeb mom is no different. In yet another relatable moment, Kristen Bell is showing off her new hairdo that includes a noticeable chop. And it's safe to say this Good Place star is loving how the little refresh makes her feel.

  • With a selfie, Kristen showed off her new bob that comes with a fun caption.

    "Your mom got a hair cut and she is FEELING IT," Kristen Bell writes in her Instagram post.

    For those who don't understand, Kristen and her husband Dax frequently and jokingly refer to themselves as everyone's "mom" and "dad" when posting.

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  • Fans quickly showered Kristen with compliments about her new look.


    And, of course, they referred to her as mom, too!

    They told her she looks great (she does!) and that we all love it when she is happy and feeling herself (we do).

    Sometimes, a good haircut is an instant mood-booster.

  • And of course, there were a few jokes mixed in there as well.

    Instagram comments

    Because it's such a power-woman-type cut and so blunt, some people told Kristen she looks like she's ready to speak to a manager somewhere.


  • We think Kristen looks great!

    We're not sure what inspired the change (maybe she just felt like it was time for a trim, or maybe she's prepping for a role), but we love the switch-up!

    The pic has us contemplating if we should take a trip to the salon too!

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