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  • The actress shared not one but six hilarious, sleepy photos Sunday summing up her feeling about daylight saving time.

    There's no time to rest for this busy mom!

    She captioned the post "Daylight savings has me like ..." and among the hashtags, included one that said #sadisticassistant, hinting that her assistant might be behind a few of the shots.

    Either way, she numbered each of these "moods" and said she's "#clockinginata5."

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  • Fans quickly began weighing in with nothing but praise.

    Instagram comments

    Numbers five and six were a big hit, but plenty of folks were like "umm, actually, I think I'm feeling all of these!"

    We can definitely relate -- especially to the commenter who asked for someone to send wine (which Jennifer sent digitally, via emoji LOL).

  • Once again, Jennifer Garner proves to be super relatable.

    Instagram comments

    There were a ton of comments about how Jennifer is a favorite on Instagram (we agree) and how hilarious she is in her posts. Remember her last day of summer meme? Or when she baked for her kids's school at way-too-early in the morning?

    Jennifer Garner is definitely a relatable mom!

  • Sidenote: Are those hot rollers we spot in one of the pics?

    Instagram comments

    As one eagle-eyed commenter pointed out, there might be some hot rollers behind the actress, which is not only a brilliant, quick hair solution for some, but is also a nod to another Jen post -- this time, a video -- that we really, really love.

    Spoiler alert: Jen wore hot rollers during school pickup in honor of friend Reese Witherspoon's new book.

  • Jennifer Garner, always bringing the laughs!

    Before Instagram, we didn't know the actress had such a great sense of humor. And now, we look forward to seeing her relatable mom posts.

    Keep 'em coming, Jen!

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