15 Times Jessica Simpson Nailed the Joys (& Woes) of Being Pregnant

15 Times Jessica Simpson Nailed the Joys (& Woes) of Being Pregnant

Jessica Simpson

Pregnancy is tough, even for moms who've done it all two times before. Celebrity mom Jessica Simpson is in the final stages of her third pregnancy, and she's being nothing if not super open about the struggles she's going through. Jessica has never been one to gloss over anything, and the same goes for her woes of being pregnant. From the looks of things, she's going through a lot, but not without a sense of humor! Jessica has taken to Instagram to chronicle her pregnancy adventures, and fellow moms are roaring with laughter and solidarity. Some are fans of Jessica's unapologetic candor, but that isn't stopping her one bit.

From all-too-relatable selfies to pictures of her painful swollen feet, Jessica is baring it all when it comes to showing off her pregnancy. She's here to remind everyone that not everything about pregnancy is fun or glamorous, and that celebrity moms aren't immune to anything that normal moms-to-be go through. So yes, that means Jessica fights hormones, fatigue, and just about anything else that pregnancy brings to the table too.

So, let Jessica be an example to all of us about how pregnancy can be tough sometimes, but with a good spirit and a rockstar sense of humor, it can be bearable -- if not fun, sometimes. Without further ado, here are all the times Jessica completely nailed the joys and woes of being pregnant. (For all of those fellow moms-to-be, this will be very relatable.)


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