Video of Pregnant Amy Schumer Joining Mardi Gras Practice Is Gold

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Amy Schumer
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At this point, it's hard to keep up with this celeb mom-to-be! Amy Schumer sure has kept herself busy on her road to motherhood that now includes getting her dance on with a bunch of random people. Seriously, the videos of Amy Schumer joining a Mardi Gras practice is too funny for words. (Mama has some moves!)

  • Amy took to the 'Gram to share some videos of her latest adventure in New Orleans.

    Seeing as we try our best to keep up with Amy on the regular, we already know whatever she inserts herself in is going to be entertaining -- no question about it.

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  • She found a group of ladies practicing for Mardi Gras that she had to join.

    And obviously, she succeeded in getting down the choreography without any issues.


  • Amy randomly inserting herself in the dance routine has people applauding.

    Instagram comments

    Her fans, who already know how extra Amy is, can't stop laughing and gushing over her videos. They're pretty great -- and obviously something she doesn't feel any shame about.

  • Even someone who's a part of the group, Candy Girls of NOLA, had to show some love to Amy Schumer over her dance moves.

    Instagram comment

    Honestly, we wouldn't know how to act if we were out and about, turned around, and saw a celeb right behind us trying to get in on the action.

    (For the record, we'll happily put out in the universe we'll take Channing Tatum or Ryan Gosling.)

  • Nice job, mama!

    We seriously cannot get enough of Amy Schumer and cannot wait to see all the fun (and maybe inappropriate) times that are in store after she gives birth.

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