Hilary Duff's Costar Drinks Her 'Delicious' Breast Milk in New Video

Hilary Duff

Plenty of people are close with their coworkers, and tons of cast members get along off-screen. But Younger stars Hilary Duff and Nico Tortorella recently took their relationship to a whole new level when Nico literally decided to drink Hilary's breast milk.

  • While at work, Hilary had pumped a freezer bag full of breast milk, and apparently, Nico decided to drink some.

    In a video originally shared on Instagram Stories, Nico announced that they were "for real doing this right now" before sipping a small cup of the milk.

    The verdict? "Delicious."

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  • Hilary can be heard calling Nico "a sicko," and apparently, she's not the only one who had some thoughts.

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    On a lighter note.... @acrebaja was bomb

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    Hilary and her beau, Matthew Koma, welcomed daughter Banks Violet Bair on October 25 who joins the former child star's 6-year-old son, Luca, from a previous relationship.

  • Many thought it was flat out "weird" or "creepy."

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    After the clip made the rounds, fans were confused and joked that they could have went their whole lives without seeing this. Others said they wouldn't even try their own breast milk --  let alone someone else's.

  • Hilary later joked that Banks was "gonna be p*ssed" someone was drinking her milk.

    We guess the lesson here is ... sharing is caring?

    Videos of people drinking former Disney stars's breast milk will go viral because people have strong opinions on the subject.

  • We say, to each their own!

    We can't blame Nico for being curious.

    Also, Hilary Duff once drank a placenta smoothie, so none of this is too surprising to us!

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